Holiday villas are one of the most exciting ways to spend your vacation especially if you have a family. They can provide a vacation that you will live to remember. However, the more popular they become, the more scammers see an opportunity to create scams and rip unsuspecting clients of thousands of dollars. More and more people find themselves the victims of holiday villa scams mostly because villas ask any customers to pay before they arrive at the location. In most cases, there is little that can be done once you have been scammed.

You can opt to take precautions so that you will not fall victim to these scams and up losing a lot of your money and having your vacation ruined.

How to Avoid Holiday Villa Fraud?

Check The Legitimacy Of The Villa

If you have decided to choose a certain villa to spend your vacation in, you need to confirm that it actually exists. There are very many ways to fake pictures on a website and pretend that a place exists when it doesn’t. Check if there are testimonial and reviews from previous clients, look for social media pages and also a map of the place. It will be less likely that a fraud will go to the lengths of creating too many traces of a fake place.

You should also look for a number on the website and call them up to ensure that they are real. Once you have done that, check if they have a postal address. Confirm that this is real too.

Be Wary Of Too Low Prices

Most places will have prices that are almost the same. Places that have many amenities will automatically be more expensive especially if they are near town. If you spot prices that are unbelievably low, then this should be a sign that something may not be right. You need to keep checking to be sure that this is not a scam. If there is no valid reason why the price is too low such as the size or distance from the airport, then it is wise to look elsewhere.

Methods Of Payment

You need to be very careful when dealing with places that ask for cash transfers. Most scammers prefer this since the money will go into their accounts and they will disappear once they have it. It is much safer to pay by credit card because such payments can be traced. Be careful when you see any places that ask for a very large percentage of the fee as the deposit. Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid paying anything until you have a written contract from the villa.

Check For Sites That Warn Of Scammers

By checking sites you will be able to know which places to avoid and the most current scams. You will be less vulnerable if you know the ways that the scammers may be targeting you. These sites also tell you some of the ways you can know you are being scammed and the websites to avoid when looking for villas.