Adolph Coors

An immigrant from Germany who settled in Denver, Colorado in the year 1872. Coors owned the Coors Golden Brewery, which manufactured the perfect beer. The brewery still continues to operate and has become one of the most successful. It can produce more than 17 million barrels of beer every year, thus it is considered to be the largest single-site brewery in the world.

Augusta Tabor

She donated money to construct the Unitarian church in Denver. More so, she is a wealthy woman who owned a real estate. Augusta Tabor was known to be one of the richest business owners in Denver.

Clara Brown

A black woman who lived her life with purpose, she was also called ‘angel of the Rockies’, who depicts the richness of the experience of an African-American. She became one of the first African-American who settled in Colorado. By then, she used her skills to venture into the business industry and healthcare. She helped black people to get out from poverty and slavery.

Baby Doe Tabor

As determined as she is to achieve fame and fortune, Baby Doe met the Silver King, the ex-husband of Augusta Tabor, Horace. They became known to be ‘the Silver King and Queen’, their mines made them rich and famous. Horace owned mining companies and donated money to build the Grand Opera House in Denver. In 1893, the value of silver fell, as well as their wealth.

Barney Ford

He escaped from slavery, he escaped through the Underground Railroad and went to Chicago. He moved to California with her wife and opened a successful restaurant and hotel. They moved to Colorado to mine for gold. He built the People’s Restaurant, the Ford Hotel, and the Inter-Ocean Hotel. He bravely fought for the civil rights and voting rights of the African-American residents in Colorado.

Buffalo Bill

William Cody was a known American soldier, he is one of the soldiers who won against General Nathan Bedford Forrest. More so, he is known as ‘buffalo bill’, as he supplies buffalo meat.

Casimiro Barela

He served the State as a territorial legislator, he was one of the authors of the Colorado Constitution, and he served Colorado as a Senator for almost 40 years.

Chin Lin Sou

He is an immigrant from China who worked on the transcontinental railroad. He became a leader of the Chinese-American community in Colorado.

Daniel Cheeseman Oakes

He is known to be one of the first residents in Denver, Colorado. As optimistic as he is with the possibilities Colorado has to offer, he searched for gold in the Pikes Peak. He was one of the people who built a strong foundation for the economy of Colorado.

Elizabeth Piper Ensley

Ensley had a heart for the people, she is involved with the group for civil rights and women suffrage. Because of her, Colorado became the second state to granny women to vote.

Emily Griffith

She was the founder of The Emily Griffith Opportunity School, she upholds the belief that each person has the right to education. She had a Millennium Award for the person who gave the most significant and lasting contributions to Denver.