One of the most important things to do when you move house is to get your mail forwarded, and start updating all of your suppliers and contacts with your new address.

While most companies use SMS and email to communicate these days, a lot of companies do still use good old-fashioned snail mail, and if you want to stay in touch with them (and prevent identity theft from other people accessing your mail) then you will need to change over all those contacts.

The good news is that a lot of companies do make it easy to update your profile, since you can do it online. When it comes to store cards and magazine subscriptions, getting your mail sent to your new address is just a case of a few mouse-clicks.

There are other organisations, though, that take longer to update. You might need to visit your bank in person, or fill out a form and provide a handwritten signature. It’s easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed when you have alot of things to update. Here’s a quick checklist of things that you should update, in rough order of priority.

Start with:

– Your employer – for paychecks, tax, etc.
– Your bank
– Any loans and credit cards
– Benefits/Financial Aid
– Student loans
– Savings and investments

Also make the following a priority:

– Health and dental insurance
– Life insurance
– Car insurance
– Any property insurance you have will need changed to the new address

You should also get the following bills moved over:

– Gas
– Electricity
– Water
– Internet

If you use any other service providers – cleaners, gardners, window cleaners, etc, then tell them that you are moving so they can set up a new account with the incoming occupant.

Be sure to contact your:

– Family Doctor
– Dentist
– Vet
– Other professionals that you work with

Once you have tackled those pressing issues, you will also need to update your details with:

– Magazine subscriptions
– Gift/subscription boxes
– Loyalty cards and clubs
– Hobby/leisure groups
– Political parties
– Churches

Don’t forget to update all those online services that you use as well:

– Get in the habit of checking your address before using one-click ordering on any online stores!
– Update your details on your streaming services
– Tell your mapping/Satnav that you have moved, so it doesn’t guide you home to the wrong address!

The above list is not exhaustive. There will doubtless be numerous other organisations, companies, service providers and clubs that you will need to update. Make a list of everything that you use regularly, and set aside an afternoon to update them all. One way to make sure that you’ve hit all of the important non-government ones is to get your credit report, and work through every company in that list. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that your credit report is accurate as well. If you spot any mistakes while you’re working on it, then make sure that you send a notice of correction to the credit reference agency immediately. Find detail information at