Colorado is the state that can be found in the rocky mountains of the Western region of the United States. With its natural resources, the ancient Pueblos inhabited the land. In the late 1500s, the Europeans colonized Colorado. However, it was conceded to the United States through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which also ended the war between the Mexicans and Americans.

By the year 1858, gold was discovered in the premises of Colorado. Hence, it invited people to inhabit the land. An enabling act was passed by the Congress of the United States to make the Territory of Colorado a state. In the year 1876, Colorado became the 38th state of America. It was President Ulysses Grant who signed the proclamation that declared Colorado as part of the Union. More so, it ranked 8th largest state.

European Settlement in Colorado

The Spanish conquistadors were the first Europeans to explore the region. The Santa Fe Nuevo Mexico became a Spanish province, and in the year 1706, the territory of Colorado was claimed by Juan de Ulibarri. Comanche trade or commercial Comanchero was built by the Native Americans and Spaniards through their trades.

Through the period of 1832 to 1856, the Arkansas River and the South Platte became the site for small settlements and trading location for the trappers and traders. The primary product offered by the Indians were buffalo robes.

A war ignited between the United States and Mexico, which forced to renounce the territories through the Treaty of Hidalgo. By then, new residents settled on the Southern Rocky Mountains. In 1851, the Hispanic settlers inhabited San Luis village, and the New Mexico Territory became the first European settlement.

Territory of Jefferson

It was organized in the year 1859, but it was not able to secure the federal sanction. The Provincial Government freely managed the region besides its lack of official status until the Territory of Colorado was organized in 1861.

Territory of Colorado

This was a historic and well-organized territory of the United States, which existed through the year 1861 to 1876. The organization had become a great aspect in solidifying the Union.

Colorado became a state

As the Territory of Colorado surpassed the requirements in becoming a state, the United States President, Ulysses Grant, declared Colorado as the 8th state of America.

Wars of Colorado

It was between the year 1863 to 1865, where an armed conflict happened between the United States and its loose alliance of the Native Americans. It was recognized to be a genocidal brutality, wherein it is known to include the Sand Creek Massacre.

The capital city of Colorado is Denver. Colorado has numerous archaeological sites with artifacts.

Did you know?

Colorado rejected the invite of the International Olympic Committee to host the 1976 Winter Olympic Games, this is due to the state tax revenue does not include financing games. It is the only state of the United States to reject an invitation to host an event from the International Olympic Committee.