Colorado is known for its diverse typography, it includes mountains, plains, deserts, and canyons. The borders of Colorado, along with the states of Utah and Wyoming, were defined with the longitudinal and latitude lines.


The highest point in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains of North America is Mount Elbert, which is considered to be one of the 30 highest major summits. It is located in the Lake County, which stands at 14, 440 feet tall. The elevations of Colorado makes it the only state in the United States that is completely above a thousand meters.

The connection of Yuma County of Colorado and Cheyenne County of Kansas, the Arikaree River, is considered to be the lowest point in the state of Colorado. It has an elevation of 3, 317 feet.


Not less than half of Colorado is flat. The Colorado Easter Plains of the High Plains is elevated at 3, 350 feet to 7, 500 feet high, and is located in the East of the Rocky Mountains. The plains of Colorado are composed mostly of prairies, forests, canyons, and buttes. The common crops being cultivated in Colorado are wheat, corn, hay, oats, and soybeans.


The well-known peaks of Colorado are the Mount Evans, Pikes Peak, Spanish Peak, and the Longs Peak. There are approximately 53 peaks that are elevated 14,000 feet or higher. There are small parts of Colorado that are covered with snow, it will then drain down to the Mississippi River or the Rio Grande.

The Colorado Mineral Belt contained the historic mining districts of gold and silver in Colorado, it stretches from the San Juan Mountains to Central City.

Front Range

Approximately 70% of the population of Colorado settled in the Front Range of Urban Corridor. It is the best location for it protects the people from storms that come from the region of the Pacific Ocean.

The municipalities and cities that consist the Front Range are Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland.

Continental Divide

The Continental Divide are a mountainous hydrological divide, in Colorado is the Western Slope. The water on the southwest drains through the Colorado River and Green River. The water on the North Park drains through the North Platte River.

Colorado Western Slope

The water of the western slope is drained by the Gunnison River, San Juan River, Green River, and the Colorado River. The largest city located on the Western Slope is the city of Grand Junction, which one of the locations the Colorado River flows through. The communities of the mountain resort are responsible for the publishing of the daily newspaper, and the television broadcast centers are located in Durango and Grand Junction only.

Higher education is being offered by the schools in the Western Slope, it includes the Colorado Mesa University, Western College of Colorado, Colorado Mountain College and Fort Lewis College.

The state of Colorado is one of the four states that share the Four Corners with Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.