Are you planning to hire an exterminator for a bed bug treatment at your home? Did they hitch a ride during your travels? Perhaps you aren’t sure of how they got in your home. While there are no bed bugs in my condo, just recently I received a note from the HOA about a mandatory building wide bed bug treatment that is evidently going to be carried out annually. It is to happen in two weeks, and I was given instructions on how to prepare my condo for the treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment Measures

It is a great preventative measure considering that I live in a building that has hundreds of individual beach condos that cater to thousands of vacationers a year. Some of the owners rent out their condos, but mine is my primary residence. Since I am about to be going through what you’re trying to schedule, allow me to tell you what they told me to do in order to prepare for the treatment.

Follow The Following Procedure

First, there can be nothing stored under the bed. Lo and behold, there are quite a few things stored underneath my bed. The closet in my condo isn’t large and is stuffed with belongings. Therefore, since the underneath of my bed features a frame with a nifty storage area that is closed off from the outside, I decided to store stuff under there. I have to remove it for the treatment though.

The next thing that they told me to do was to make sure all linens are taken off of the bed. That’s easy enough. However, there are some rather aggravating suggestions, like the fact that you have to take off all the light switches and outlet covers. That’s still doable, and worth it, but the last one got me. They want you to remove all of the wall hangings. I hang up many different things on my wall, and I’m not taking them all down. So we will see how this goes.

They should be able to just do the treatment, but they have made it clear in an email that they won’t treat a room if it hasn’t been carefully prepared. So we will see. Keep all of this in mind as you voluntarily prepare your home for the bed bug treatment that it is supposed to get soon. If you need the treatment done, then it’s a good idea. I am thankful that they want to do the treatment, but the demands of the HOA and their vision of pushing the people to do things a certain way are a little irritating at times.


Yet it all teaches me a lesson about community, especially being one that stands out in the community as a lot different than everyone else. I live in my condo full time, and I have it decorated. Back to the point. You need to take the advice I have mentioned and either get your home prepared for the treatment or have it done. You will be glad that you did. Visit to know more.