Archaeology is the field that studies the ancient and the past activities of the humans through their material remains. It is a subfield of anthropology, a field that studies human culture. Archaeologists’ analyses the artifacts of the past to pursue a comprehensive and broad understanding of the human culture. More so, paleontology is different. It is the field that studies the fossils and its evolution, and how it is related to us and the world.

It provides a better understanding of the human history and human culture. The explanation includes the time, location, reason, and condition of the people who inhabited the land.

It is not the same with the history that relies on written documents to analyze the activities and lives of humans, instead, it allows the people to discover the time before the humans know how to write.

Archaeology can give us the information about the lives of the individuals, families, and communities.
Locally, archaeology exists insight in Colorado. People consider those that are 50 years and above as ‘historical’, and those that are 13,000 years to 50 years are considered ‘archaeological’ finds.