The states of America were the last to be inhabited by humans, until then it is still debatable regarding the time of movement of the people from Asia and their succeeding dispersal throughout the places of North, South, and Central America.

Archaeologists have recognized three prehistoric periods of the United States of America. Lithic Stage or Paleo-Indian Period was the earliest period, the Paleo-Americans or Paleo-Indians were the first occupants of the continent. This period was known for the first flaked stone tools and Clovis Culture.
The Archaic period was the second prehistoric period, which ended due to a change in a more sedentary lifestyle and the occupants became farmers. Post-archaic period succeeded the development where there were more noticeable changes.

The first Americans were hunters and farmers.

When the Americans were colonized by the Europeans gave different groups a different effect. This has made the United States of America have extraordinary museums with breath-taking exhibitions of the archaeology of the United States of America. This has become a valuable locus for research in the historic and archaeological field in the United States.