A Program Area is the function of an organization, it gives the people an access to search for a certain organization through its function. Specific organizations are associated with specific program areas.

To be able to utilize a Program Area, an Organization Name should be made since the element is dependent on it. It simply represents the organization available in the records of the authority.

In the Program Area Thesaurus, the right terms are listed to index the functions of the Organization. The terms should determine the main area of activity of the organization.

Program Area: Department of Agriculture
Advancing Colorado’s Renewable Energy (ACRE) Program. It provides a permit for energy-related and value-added projects that can give benefit to the industry of agriculture.

Beginning Farmer Program. There is a tax-exempt bond to those who have low-interest financing of land or equipment. To avail this, one must qualify to be a beginning farmer, who owns not more than 30% of a median country farm size.

Program Area: Livestock
The Centennial Farm Program. The essence of agriculture in Colorado is recognized through honoring the contributions given by the long-standing ranch and farm families.

Specialty Crop Black Grant Program. The funding gives an opportunity to focus on the concerns of food safety, through which advancing new crops, landscaping practices, and production system; investigating pest and disease issues; promoting health and well-balanced diet with vegetables and fruits.

Program Area: National Defense
Department of Defense. It provides a lethal Joint Force to defend the security of the country and sustain American influence abroad.

Department of Army. It is their duty to fight and win the Nation’s war through providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders. This is one of the three military departments that report to the Department of Defense.