Program Area is defined to have a function of an organization, it should issue an access point for the people to look for some organizations through their functions. Specific organizations are associated with specific programs.

More so, the relationship between the program area and the organization name is dependent with each other.

Thus, an organization name should be made.

For the guidelines in the registration of a program area, you should:

  1. Choose the right term to index on the function of the organization. You can refer from the Program Area Thesaurus.
  2. The selected term should show the principal missions or areas of activity of the organization. A consultation from the United States Government Manual or other departmental or executive orders should be done to determine the function of the Federal organization.
  3. In the general guidelines, the broad terms are delegated to the high-level organizations, like the departmental organizations. Meanwhile, those specific terms are delegated to organizations that have narrow program areas.
  4. Make sure that the program area of the organization is indicated and not the parent organization or the subject of the records of the organization. The subject reference indexed the subject of the materials that were already archived.
  5. The terms used to list the function of the organization should be described in the Administrative History Note or found its reference in the Organization Name.

Prior to register the program area, you should first create an organization. Its name is responsible for the accumulation, creation, or maintenance of the program when it is working on its primary use. Take note that the in creating an organization, the organization name and organization type should have a dependent relationship on each other.

Examples of a program area are Agriculture; Livestock; National Defense; and Combat Development.